Rowing Subscriptions and Costs:

We're not going to lie to you - there can be a lot of costs associated with rowing (especially for College rowers and competitive Masters who attend regattas), but as a non-profit organisation, Nelson Rowing Club aims to keep all costs including membership subscriptions and regatta costs as low as possible.  Costs you can expect to pay over a season:

All members:

  • Pay a membership subscription - see below

For College Rowers & Competitive Masters, additional costs are:

  • Regatta costs (travel, accommodation, food, entry fees) associated with competing at regattas - see College Rowing Key Dates for estimated regatta costs, and for an idea of the costs for Masters to go to regattas, please contact the Club's Treasurer at 
  • Training camps held at Lake Rotoroa.  Costs will vary depending on the number of attendees but are approximately $50.00 per day which includes accommodation, catering and fuel (and may include transport).
  • Club uniform - the only compulsory uniform item is a rowsuit for College Rowers, and either a rowsuit or row singlet for Competitive Masters, but the Club does offer a range of uniform including sweatshirts, hoodies, on-water tees and other items.  Visit our online shop for further information. 

Subscriptions for 2023/24:

The subscription fees of the Club help cover our operational costs which include building overheads (power, gas, water), equipment overheads (including maintenance and insurance), asset usage and replacement, and GST.  We believe our subscriptions represent good value for money and are on par or cheaper than other similarly sized rowing clubs in New Zealand.

  Total payable (inc GST):
Learn to Row courses (5 weeks) $115.00
College Rowers $720.00
University Rower (current student at university) $250.00
Club Rowers (season finishes after NZ Nationals) $500.00
Coxswains $80.00
Masters Rowers $520.00
3 months Masters Membership $180.00
6 months Masters Membership $350.00
Honorary Members $50.00
Life Members $0.00
Casual Visit (with NRC member) $20.00
Rowing New Zealand licence fee* $103.50


The Nelson Rowing Club membership year is from 1 September to 31 August.  The exception to this are the Learn to Row programs which are 5 weeks in duration and run throughout the year.

* All competitive rowers (College, Club and Masters) and coxswains pay a licence fee to Rowing New Zealand to compete at South Island and National Championship Club regattas.  The fee is collected by Nelson Rowing Club and forwarded to RNZ.


Payment Plans:

Nelson Rowing Club relies on its members to pay subscription fees, regatta costs and other costs (uniforms, event tickets) on time.  During the main regatta season from October to March, the Club has significant bills to pay so if we don't receive prompt payments from our members, the cashflow of the Club comes under a lot of pressure.

To help make the payment of subscription fees and regatta costs more manageable, the Club is happy to put payment plans in place to spread these costs over the duration of the season for regatta costs, or over the year for subscription costs.  For further information please contact our Club Treasurer on


Helping to keep costs reasonable:


The Club regularly applies to funding organisations for grants to purchase boats and equipment. 

In this way, the Club is able to provide a modern fleet of rowing boats for our members to enjoy, without substantially increasing the cost of annual subscriptions to cover plant and equipment.



The Club tries to hold a Quiz Night and Community 8 Event each year which not only help to raise funds for the Club, but are fun, social events for our Club members to enjoy.  The 2022/23 season was very successful with an erg-a-thon also thrown into the fundraising mix. 

If you enjoy fundraising and have some ideas you think are worth trying and/or are keen to help out and would like the opportunity to meet other parents and members in the club, we'd love to hear from you!




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