NRC Membership

The club's membership year runs from 1 September through to 31 August. 

Membership to Nelson Rowing Club opens up many opportunities to enjoy the sport of rowing.  We are very fortunate to have a boat shed that would be the envy of many rowing clubs around the country.  We have a fleet of well maintained rowing skiffs and coastal rowing boats, along with oars and blades and all the equipment and paraphernalia required to make rowing safe and enjoyable.  There is a "usage" hierarchy within our boat shed.  New and inexperienced rowers will be allocated older plant and equipment, and as skills and experience develops rowers are rewarded with newer boats and blades.  This is to ensure that our equipment is appropriate and fit for purpose for the rowers who are using it.

Along with the plant and equipment, rowing members are added to various WhatsApp groups and email lists to ensure everyone is kept up to date with all the happenings around the club.  These could include a fundraising movie night, a coastal rowing safari, a parent information evening or notification of the club's Annual General Meeting.  Financial members are entitled to vote at the AGM, be nominated for office-bearing roles (or nominate someone else!) and have speaking rights at the meeting.  We welcome all members to attend the AGM each year.

When a rower completes our registration form and joins Nelson Rowing Club, your details will also be shared with the club's Treasurer who will issue an invoice for your subscription fees.  Please wait to receive an invoice before making a payment - as this makes it easier for our Treasurer to reconcile payments if you do.  If you would like to spread the cost of your subscription (and any other costs), you are very welcome to set up a payment plan by emailing .  As a not-for-profit sports club, maintaining a good cash flow is important, so prompt payment of invoices is always appreciated.

If the Nelson Rowing Club sounds like a place for you - here is some further information and links:

  • Complete our online membership form here .
  • How much are the subscription fees?  All the details are here .


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