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Nelson Rowing Club offers 5 week Learn-to-Row (LTR) programmes for college-aged rowers (students in Year 9 to Year 13).  Over 5 weeks, a rower will train twice a week to learn the basics of rowing which will include sessions on the water and land based technique sessions on the ergs (indoor rowing machines).  A rower will also learn to understand rowing terminology, how to look after the boats and equipment and understand how to stay safe on the water. 

Rowing is a highly technical sport, and athletes spend years trying to perfect their technique and achieve the "perfect" stroke.  Even Olympic gold medalists still have technical improvements to make!  So at the end of 5 weeks, a rower won't be proficient - but it's usually enough to get hooked on the sport!

The College rowing season starts in September when training starts and the season finishes at the conclusion of the NZ Secondary Schools Championships (better known as the Maadi Cup) which is held at the end of March/early April each year.  Nelson Rowing Club runs one or two College Learn to Row courses each year:

  • The first one is dependent on coach availability and if it goes ahead is usually around February/March.  This is at the end of the rowing season but it's a great introduction to the sport and sets these rowers up to return for the following full season.  The course ends with a 2-day camp at Lake Rotoroa in the Nelson Lakes National Park. (There is no February/March course in 2024 - please sign up for the September 2024 course!).
  • The second course starts in August/September each year and runs every year.  Rowers who did the February course are welcomed back to the club along with any new rowers looking to take up the sport.  Once again, the course covers the basics of rowing, but also builds on the earlier February course (if this was held).  Rowers increase their skills and confidence on the water.  The course finishes with a 2-day camp at Lake Rotoroa.  At the end of the course, rowers who wish to continue rowing will be asked to make the commitment to row competitively for the season as a Novice Rower.  Check out our College Rowing page for more information on what this involves.

Where is the Club?

The Nelson Rowing Club is located on Cross Quay, off Akersten Street down at the marina.  We row in the Haven on the inside of the Boulder Bank or sometimes when the tide is right, row up the Maitai River.  These are beautiful stretches of water to row on.

How much does it cost?

  • Our 5 week Learn to Row courses cost $115.00 (this includes 2 training sessions each week, all boats and equipment provided by the club)
  • If a rower wants to continue rowing the annual subscriptions for a College Rower is $720* (but your LTR fees are deducted from your College Rower subs - you are in effect, upgrading your membership and will pay the difference between LTR and College Rowing).  For more information on the Club's subscription costs and what is included, go over to our "How much does rowing cost?" page. *This is the 2023/24 subs amount. Subs for 2024/25 will be updated for 1 September.

If all of this sounds like you and you'd like to have some fun rowing with Nelson Rowing Club please get in touch!



What's it like to row and race?

Although this video was made a few years ago, it still gives you a great idea of what it's like to row and race with Nelson Rowing Club (and Nelson College and Nelson College for Girls). 



If you'd like to give rowing a go, or have some questions, please get in touch!


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