Come and Row with Nelson Rowing Club!

Welcome to Nelson Rowing Club!

Located at the marina in Port Nelson, Nelson Rowing Club offers it's members plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beautiful Haven, Nelson coastline as well as lakes and water-ways further afield.  Nelson Rowing Club is a club for all ages and abilities.

Are you:

  • in your teens?
  • in your retirement?
  • or somewhere in between?

Do you prefer:

  • sculling?
  • sweeping?
  • or like to mix it up?

Do you:

  • love the excitement of beach sprints?
  • want to go exploring in a coastal boat?
  • enjoy traditional rowing in "skinny" skiffs?

Are you:

  • an experienced rower with many years under your belt?
  • just starting out on your rowing journey?

Nelson Rowing Club ticks all of these boxes and many more!  We're a fun, social club to belong to - and we'd love you to come and row with us!

Have a look at some of the programmes we have to offer and get in touch for more information!


Learn to Row

Interested in rowing and keen to give it go?  Then our five week "taster" Learn to Row courses are for you!

College Learn to Row

Masters Learn to Row

College Rowing

Represent your club and school at South Island and National regattas!  AND stay fit and healthy with your mates.

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Masters Rowing

We have a growing number of Masters rowers who row both recreationally and competitively.  It is a very social group who always welcome new members.

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Coastal Rowing

Rowing in coastal boats opens up a whole new world of rowing opportunities - beach sprints, touring adventures or even a morning row to Tahuna for a coffee!

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Thanks to all our fantastic supporters!

  • A huge thank you to Nelson Pine Industries for their ongoing support of the Club.  Nelson Pine Golden Edge has been our main sponsor since 1989 - that's over 30 years of constant, unwavering support.  We appreciate it!

  • Bowater Toyota is another long-term sponsor of the Club - we love their trusty Toyota Hilux vehicles.

  • Many thanks to our funding partners - NBS, Mainland Foundation, Pub Charity, NZCT and the Lion Foundation.