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College Rowing

The NRC College Rowing programme is open to secondary school students attending our local Colleges.  We have rowers at Nelson College, Nelson College for Girls, Waimea College, Nayland College and Garin College who love to row for their Club and their school.

So why choose rowing?

There's lots of reasons why our College athletes choose to row (and love it):

  • Rowing is fun!  Yes, it can be tough and hard work - but it's also really fun!
  • It's a great way to make really good friends!  Rowers spend a lot of time together during the season so they become great mates.
  • It's a different way to exercise and stay fit and healthy.  Rowing is a full body and great cardio workout.
  • Rowing pushes you to do your best and not to give up.  
  • Being able to compete and race is exciting.  Nelson crews travel to Blenheim, Twizel and Cambridge to race during the season.
  • The club travels to regattas as a team which is fun and social.  
  • It's an opportunity to represent your school at national events.  Our school rowers wear their colours with pride.
  • There's opportunities to meet rowers from other schools and regions.  At Maadi Cup there's roughly 2500 school rowers competing!
  • It's great to be part of a team.  Rowing is the ultimate team sport.  A rowing "eight" can only go out if all eight rowers and the coxswain turn up.  
  • It's awesome to be out on the water.  Our rowers get to row on the Haven - a beautiful stretch of water inside the Boulder Bank - and sometime home to seals and dolphins too.

If rowing sounds like a sport you'd like to try, check out our College Learn to Row courses, or get in touch for more information.