ActiveRate Rating Meter is a great rowing electronic product that calculates ratings without using external sensors, allows accurate self-timing and displays a Check Factor to measure the effectiveness of your rowing technique.



$149.00incl GST

Key Features:

The new generation of Rate Meters from Rowing Tools have the following features: 

A replacement protective silicone rubber cover available in blue, pink or orange (new feature).
Enhanced accelerometer (new feature) which senses lower variations in boat speed and rates are now displayed from 15-55 strokes per minute
Self Timing (new feature).  With the new ActiveRate, standing start pieces can be automatically timed as the unit senses when you start rowing and also when you wind down at the end of the piece.  Many people find that timing themselves over set distances gives them more useful speed information than trying to work with a fluctuating impeller or GPS derived speed readings.  After all, races are won by the crew that takes the least time to cover a set distance, rather than the boat that goes fastest at any given point in the race.
Battery Life Indicator (new feature) - low battery levels are now indicated on start up
No wires means a very tidy installation can be achieved as no magnets or wires are required.  Failures caused by wiring and connector problems are also eliminated.  Rate Meters can be attached by either fixing the standard mounting bracket to your boat or by using the suction cup bracket that attaches to any boat in seconds.  All Rate Meters are supplied with both mounting brackets as standard.
Clock - when needed, the time can be displayed to manage your training outings or to make sure that you get to the start of races on time.
Rate Watch - you can take the ratings of passing crews by clicking the button in time with their catches.


What you get with the ActiveRate Rate Meter:

Protective Silicone Rubber Cover – choice of one of three colours
Standard Mounting Bracket
Hinged Mounting Bracket
Velcro Mounting strips (to mount Hinged Bracket to Wing Riggers)
Spare Battery Compartment Seals



The ActiveRate Rate Meter is designed for use in 'racing' sliding seat rowing boats used in rowable water conditions. They can work in other situations but are likely to give less stable readings.
Please note that this model does not have a backlight.