ActiveFlow Rating Meter



$499.00incl GST

The ActiveFlow is a new addition to our range. It is a cost effective and easy to use performance monitor which can display stroke rate (from an internal accelerometer), time,stroke count, and Check (rate compensated). You can also programme workouts on the unit and recall data from recorded pieces. It is powered by three AAA batteries to give a long battery life.

Custom Backlit Display

To maximise its size we tooled our own display on which you can view two or four data fields and quickly configure, and save, screens to suit different activities. You can create up to four screen layouts under each of the headings ‘Training’ and ‘Racing’.
Each field can be set to show any parameter, or be left blank, and they can all be reversed to highlight key metrics.

You can display:

  • Stroke rate (from the internal accelerometer)
  • Stroke count
  • Check (rate adjusted)
  • Time

Check Factor

While some variation in boat speed during the stroke is unavoidable it has been shown that minimising this check results in faster race times. So that you can monitor this, the ActiveFlow unit displays a Check Factor which is averaged over two strokes and is calculated from the average boat deceleration during each stroke. This is then adjusted for rate as Check inevitably goes up as the rate increases.

Check values do vary with crew weight and boat type, but as a general guide we see figures of around 35 to 40 for the best crews at race pace increasing to 60 or 70 for less experienced rowers.

Rather than monitoring Check continuously we suggest tracking it over time and using it to assess improvements made due to changes in technique - you will find that reducing Check in a given crew leads to substantially improved boat speeds.

Programmable Workouts

Both simple and complex workouts can be set up and stored on your ActiveFlow, and the key features are:
• You can programme both work and rest periods in strokes, or time.
• Workouts can have delayed timing starts both on initial start-up and at the end of rest periods.
• You can set ‘undefined length’ rest periods in workouts to accommodate factors such as river traffic, having to turn, etc.
• Standing start pieces begin when the ActiveFlow senses the first boat movement. The display then flashes when it sees you ‘wind down’ at the end of a piece, or the end of a race, and if you press the main button within 20 seconds the timer jumps back to the time it saw you wind down.
• You can set up to twelve custom workouts and six of these can be stored in a smaller Favourite’s menu for easy access.
• You can also specify a target range within workouts for stroke rate and the unit will highlight when you are outside the set range.